Relaxing Massage Therapy

We offer Therapeutic Massage to our Memphis clients at Acupuncture and Healing Arts. Our massage therapists are professionals that use manual techniques to bring their clients relief from a variety of aches and pains. We can melt those aches and pains away in the muscles that disrupt your life. Cupping therapy is also provided.

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We are located at:

5100 Poplar Ave Ste 318
Memphis, TN 38137

Tel: (901) 763-0909


M-F 9AM-5:30PM

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About Your Massage Therapy Visit

If you have pain issues such as back pain, shoulder pain, etc. that need to be addressed please consider us for your needs. We have experienced acupuncturists that provide the best available massage therapy in Memphis.

Jeanne Crisp, LMT

Jeanne Crisp, LMT

Massage Therapist

Jeanne is our Licensed Massage Therapist at the Acupuncture and Healing Arts Group