Acupuncture, Fertility and Pregnancy

Acupuncture treatment of infertility has been shown to be very successful. All of our acupuncturists are experienced with treating infertility with acupuncture. We are happy to work with you and your physician during this exciting time of your life.

Acupuncture is the insertion of ultra-thin, sterile needles into specific acupuncture points on the body which reside on channels or meridians; these are pathways in both the exterior and interior of the body. These points, when needled, can regulate the way in which the body functions. Acupuncture helps by addressing problems that affect fertility such as an under-functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism) or over-functioning thyroid (hyperthyroidism).

Acupuncture fertility treatment, frequently combined with herbal medicine, has been used for centuries to treat some but not all causes of infertility. For example, acupuncture and herbs will not work to address tubal adhesions which can occur as a result of pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis. However, in this situation, an individual could still benefit from acupuncture and herbs because of the potential effect of improved ovarian and follicular function. Additionally, acupuncture can increase blood flow to the endometrium, helping to facilitate a thick, rich lining.

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Your first visit will begin with an in depth assessment of your condition followed by your first treatment. A new patient can expect to spend approximately 2 hours in the clinic for the first session. Please allow one hour for returning visits.