When You Visit Our Acupuncture and Healing Arts Clinic

We Understand and Give You Personal Attention

Personal, Custom Care

Clear communication is the key to our success.  Our acupuncturists listen to all of your concerns and use a holistic approach to treatment.  Every patient receives treatment that is custom tailored to their individual set of circumstances.  We are a patient centered clinic.  Your comfort, health and healing are our primary concerns.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Your first visit will begin with an in depth assessment of your condition followed by your first treatment. A new patient can expect to spend approximately 2 hours in the clinic for the first session. Please allow one hour for returning visits.

Acupuncture Visits

Acupuncture Visits

Most patients experience a deep level of relaxation during an acupuncture session that is hard to find anywhere else.  Once the acupuncture needles are inserted in body the rest and repair part of the nervous system kicks in to provide a much needed sense of peace. 

Sterile and Sanitized

Acupuncture and Healing Arts uses disposable needles that are used once and then placed in a sharps container.  We are often asked if acupuncture hurts.  Acupuncture at most feels like a mosquito bite and is nothing compared to the shots one might receive at the doctor’s office.


Quality Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Acupuncture and Healing Arts Medical Group maintains a full compliment of Chinese herbal  remedies, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.  We only carry the highest quality of natural supplements in the clinic. 

Our herbs are tested at the factory for pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals.  You can take herbs from us knowing that a professional has provided you with the safest and most effective remedy on the market.

Other Therapies

Other Therapies

Dry needling uses needles in “trigger points’ to ease pain. Auricular therapy is acupuncture of the ear.Cupping, tui na, gua sha, e-stim/electroacupuncture, and mineral heat lamp therapy are other modalities that may be incorporated into your acupuncture treatment. Your acupuncturist will explain in detail what to expect from these therapies and will proceed only with your full consent.

Patient Forms

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